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העשרה ופעילויות חוץ לימודיות

STEAM Magnet Program

The Magnet Grant assists in the desegregation of public schools by supporting the elimination, reduction, and prevention of minority group isolation in elementary and secondary schools with substantial numbers of minority group students. The grant also provides all students with the opportunity to meet challenging academic content and student academic achievement standards. PS 201 has a STEAM themed curriculum. Each grade integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math through project-based, hands-on, investigation, where all students engage in authentic learning experiences, as they identify and solve real problems in their community and the world.

Music & The Brain (keyboards, chorus, music literacy)

The Music and the Brain program is granted to qualifying public schools and includes invaluable teacher training, piano books, keyboards, recordings and curriculum materials for classroom piano instruction. When children receive sequential music instruction, it improves their proficiency in language, fine motor skills, critical thinking, cognition and all subject areas.

Fruits & Vegetables Program

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program aims to combat childhood obesity. The Program has been successful in introducing school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries, etc. All students receive one healthy snack daily.

Music for Many Grant (Grades K & 1)

In this arts in education program, classroom teachers work with partners from Music for Many to integrate the arts as a tool for learning. Each residency is customized to align with and support current standards and curriculum.

Chinese Advantage Academy-Grade 2 (Instruction in Mandarin)

Students work with partners from Chinese Advantage to learn basic Mandarin and Eastern arts and cultures. 

Taekwondo (Grade 3)

Students work with partners from Korea Taekwondo to learn about movement, health, martial arts, self-confidence and Eastern culture.

Dancing Classrooms (Grade 4)

This is a social and emotional learning program that cultivates essential life skills in students through the practice of ballroom dance. Carefully and systematically selected and trained in the Dulaine Method and the Dancing Classroom Curriculum, Teaching Artists work very closely with classroom teachers in creating curriculum connection assignments to support their academic goals.  In addition to work that supports academic content areas, students write reflections that give the children a voice about how they feel about learning to dance, working with their classmates, and other SEL- based experiences.

Flushing Town Hall (Grade 5)

Classroom teachers work with teaching artists from Flushing Town Hall to develop lessons around their curriculum to extend learning of academic subjects. This year, 5th graders worked on the Literature to Life Program, where they created theater pieces on the novel Wonder. 

“King Penguins” Basketball Team

4th and 5th grade students tryout to be part of the talented King Penguins Basketball Team! King Penguins practice once a week and participate in games throughout the year with other schools in District 25.

Cheerleading Team

Our cheerleading team practices once a week and cheers for our King Penguins Basketball Team at every home and away game!


Students, along with partners from Queens College, create and perform an original theater production, including scripts, set design, costumes and music.

Chorus Program

Chorus at PS 201 Q includes selected students in grades 2-5. Chorus students rehearse once a week after school. They have the opportunity to perform in the Queens Borough Arts Festival, as well as all assemblies and school performances.

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