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למידה מרחוק

אנא מצא את המשאבים למטה מועילים להמשך חינוך בבית. ישנם מדריכים שונים בדף זה שיעזרו לך להתחיל בשימוש ב-Google Classroom כמו גם במשאבים טכנולוגיים אחרים. הקישור הראשון למטה ייקח אותך לסט הרשמי של PS 201 של יישומי למידה מקוונת מרחוק, כולל Google Classroom.

Remote Learning Online Applications

To access a list of websites you can use a home, click on the button below. Be sure you are logging into Google Classroom every day to receive your assignments.  Watch the video tour if you have never used it before.

Tech Support

If the resources available here do not help with your issue, we are just a form away! Complete the Remote Technology Support for Families form below and someone from P.S. 201 will contact you shortly to help you with your problem. Please note that we are available for immediate assistance during our normal operating hours, Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM- 2:30 PM. Technology support requests made out of this time frame may have a longer response time. Technology support requests will be taken in the order they are received. Click on the link below to send us a technology support request.

Need support with your NYCDOE issued iPad? Or do you need help learning to use a specific app? You can contact the helpdesk at the New York City Department of Education too!  complete a request for tech support from the New York City Department of Education below:


Teachers, paraprofessionals and other members of P.S. 201 can request support through the link below:

  • PS 201 Staff Tech Support 

iPad Support

If you are having iPad trouble, we hope the videos below will help you with your issue.

iPad Internet Connection Reset: This video will show you how to reset the iPad if you have a data-enabled device provided from the NYCDOE that stopped connecting to the internet over the summer.

iPad Banner Link to Google Meet: This video will show you how to access your child's banner link to Google Meet on an iPad.  

Google Classroom Support

Parents' Guide to Google Classroom


Google Classroom is the main remote learning platform used at P.S. 201. Students will log in daily to view the lessons and retrieve their assignments.  Parents can read and view the slides in this presentation to become acquainted with the Google Classroom learning platform. This Guide is available in several languages. Click on the language in which you would like to view the guide:

* Chinese Guide       * English Guide       * French Guide       * Spanish Guide       * Urdu Guide

Students Guide to Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the main remote learning platform used at P.S. 201. Students will log in daily to view the lessons and retrieve their assignments.  Students can read the Student's Guide to Google Classroom in conjunction with the tutorial videos listed below to get started with the Google Classroom learning platform.

Google Classroom Tips and Tutorials

Click on the titles to view the tutorial video.​  

  • Pre-K Google Classroom: This video tutorial shows pre-k students how to navigate through the Pre-K Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom Virtual Tour: This video tutorial is a brief overview of navigating through various classes and explains how to find classwork for each class.

  • How to Write on an Assignment with an iPad: This video tutorial shows you how to write on an assignment where the teacher requires work to be added. This tutorial is made specifically for those using an iPad. This video uses a Google Slide file to demonstrate how this is done.

  • How to Turn In an Assignment with an Attachment: This video tutorial shows you how to turn in your completed work that requires you to write on a document. It also shows you what to do when you can't write on the document that the teacher attached

  • Add Announcements to The Stream: This video tutorial shows you how to create a post on the Stream page of Google Classroom. Students can use this feature to send out a message to the class and teacher.

Lexia Support

Lexia is an individualized instructional program used in grades K-5. It provides personal learning in the six areas of reading instruction, while providing teachers with the data and student-specific resources they need for individual or small-group instruction. Lexia works on any computer or laptop and iPad tablets. It is not compatible with Android tablets, Kindle or smartphones. If using a computer, Lexia works best with a Google Chrome browser.

Lexia Tips and Tutorials

Click on the titles to view the tutorial videos.

  • Connect Lexia to the P.S.201 Account: This video tutorial shows you how to fix the problem where the Lexia programs may have connected to the wrong school on the computer or app.

  • Lexia Login: This video tutorial shows you how to log in to Lexia.

  • Navigating Lexia:  This video tutorial helps you understand the layout of the Lexia platform. It also goes on to sample an activity to help you understand what to expect and how to best support a student.

  • Checking Work in Lexia: This video shows you how a parent can check to make sure their child is completing the required weekly usage of Lexia.

Raz Kids Support

Raz-Kids is a leveled reading resource for kids. Every eBook is available in online and mobile formats, and allows students to listen to, read at their own pace, and record themselves reading. Students are given comprehension questions at the end of each book to check their understanding. This resource is available on all devices, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Raz Kids Tips and Tutorials

Click on the titles to view the tutorial videos.

  • To access Raz Kids on a computer or laptop, go to

  • How to Log In to Raz Kids: This video demonstrates how to log in to the student's Raz Kids class and then into their own account. Please note that every classroom has a different teacher username. You can find your teacher username on the login sheet that was mailed home. 

  • Check Work in Raz Kids: This video shows how to check your child's progress in Raz Kids to ensure they are completing their tasks. The video takes a tour of the three areas in Raz Kids and gives you an understanding of what the student must do to complete a book, an assignments as well as how to move up a level.

Family Resources

Please find these resources helpful in managing and supporting your child's remote learning experience. Click on the titles to view each resource.


  • Parent Team Page: This webpage lists the support personnel here to help you. Please feel free to reach out to them using the email addresses provided. You will also find links to their professional pages on our website.





  • Free Meals: This webpage provides information about how to get free meals at select New York City school locations. Meals are grab and go. There are various locations throughout the five boroughs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use for remote learning?

  • P.S. 201's remote learning platforms work best on desktop computers, laptops and iPads. Both Apple and Windows-based computer will work just fine. Tablets other than iPads (such as Android devices, Kindle, etc) will run some of the websites and apps we use. Smartphones have limited capability with the learning websites we use.

I requested a device through the NYC Remote Learning Device Request form. When will I get this device?

  • The NYC Department of Education is working expediently to distribute devices to students who completed this form. Priority is given to those in highest need areas and distributions has already begun. You will be notified by the Department of Education when the device ships out. Devices are being shipped by Fed Ex. Shipments are still being prepared and shipped out as of March 31, 2020.

What is the best way to connect to Google Classroom?

  • If you are using a computer or laptop, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for all of the websites we use. Google Classroom, Lexia, and Building Blocks specifically run best with the Google Chrome browser. Download Google Chrome on your computer or laptop for the best experience using Google Classroom.

  • If you are using an iPad or Android tablet, download the app Google Classroom. We also recommend downloading supporting apps, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Drive. 

What apps should I download on an iPad or tablet to best support my child's remote learning experience?

  • Google Classroom

  • Google Drive

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Lexia Core 5

  • Kids A-Z (Raz Kids)

  • Khan Academy

  • Epic Books (select classes)

  • Hangouts Meet by Google (select classes)

How can I help my child manage his/her time? I have to work while I also have to make sure my kids do their work. 

  • Managing your professional life and personal life at the same time can be a challenge. Our SEL team is here to help you! Read their presentation on time management, "Effective Time Management For Students".

How do I ensure that my child is engaged in the work posted by his/her teacher?

  • Checking my child's work in Raz Kids: This video shows you how you can check your child's completed assignments in Raz Kids as well as how to tell what the student has to do complete the tasks in at each level.

Who can I call for help?

  • You can contact your child's school by emailing your child's teacher.

  • You can call (718)935-2200 for help with devices. Support is provided in multiple languages.

  • Some Google Classrooms have the Stream page open for student comments. Students can create a post there asking for help from classmates. The teacher is also notified of these posts via email. To find out how to do that, watch the tutorial, Add Announcements to The Stream.

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